About Us

How did we start?

Frankly, I never planned to start a clothing line. Writing and reading more about sustainability, I often come across various concepts about how polluting and environmentally unfriendly the fashion industry is. Of course, the most sustainable thing is always to wear what you have. But sometimes, when I am looking for casual wear that’s eco-friendly, ethical, durable, suitable for day-to-day and more importantly, not produced and shipped from halfway across the world, I do struggle.

That’s when I started thinking about upcycling deadstock fabrics locally.

Where do we source?

By chance really, I came across this facebook post a friend shared about a huge sale on deadstock fabric. I decided to pay a visit to Sham Shui Po to check it out. Chatting with the owner, I found out that it is very common for fabric sellers to have just a few yards or scraps of fabric left after designers purchased sufficient amount. Often, those fabrics are hard to sell as it’s not scalable. The leftover will usually be disposed. 

So there I was, standing between all those fabrics, thinking of how can I turn “trash” to treasures.

How are we turning trash to treasure?

Working with the small studio in Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong, I specifically ask for deadstock fabric and scraps only. I then design each collection and they will be sewed by the highly qualified small team of aunties at the studio. Because it is highly likely that the fabric will not be restocked, all pieces are limited edition

We also only make small batches each time, to make sure of the quality and not over-stock our products. We design our logos and illustrations in-house, and print the patterns and labels using silkprint screen by hand to reduce carbon footprint as much as we can. 

Made in Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po
As each time it's just a few yards of fabric for each type, I often save up all the treasures I find and have to carry them back and forth for production. Definitely training up my shoulder..