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Find out how we connect art and sustainability.

Wearable Art Collective

Give Fabric a Second Life

Check out our unique and limited pieces upcycled from inventory fabric.

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Design Ethos

Reimagine Everything

We are here to break traditional thinking.
We reimagine things through our design.
We encourage you to appreciate the essence of things and the creative process behind them.
Meanwhile, reflect on how to extend the life of things.

Everywhere, Everyone

We believe in Outfit Repeater.
Our collections are comfortable to be in, suitable for everyday wear while remained stylish.
They are also unisex, made for anyone who wants to take them home. 

Conscious Production

We aim to minimise waste as much as we can.
Not only do we upcycle deadstock fabric, we also keep all the scraps from our production and reinvent them.
All logos and illustrations are done through silkprint by hand, or embroidered by a local studio.
And the basics, packaging is plastic-free.